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School & Sports Physicals

Family Health and Wellness Center provides comprehensive school and sports physicals for children and adults of all ages. Sports physicals usually consist of a medical history exam and a physical examination. The goal of this process is to evaluate an athlete’s general health, current fitness level, risk of injury and physical wellbeing.

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School and sports physicals are recommended for patients participating in school or interleague sports programs, club sports teams or new fitness regimens.

During the physical, your physician may perform the following:

  • Talk about health problems or injuries.
  • Review the medications you're currently taking.
  • Evaluate growth and development, including height, weight, and body mass index.
  • Ensure immunizations are up to date.
  • Check blood pressure.
  • Discuss your family's health history and order any related lab tests.
  • Test for hearing or vision problems.
  • Screen for or monitor behavioral or emotional issues, such as depression or attention deficit disorder.
  • Discuss age-relevant lifestyle topics (puberty, sex, drugs).
  • Provide preventive care (guidance if overweight or sexually active).

During the exam, our physicians will identify any conditions that might keep you or your child out of the game or affect performance. It is recommended that athletes have a physical six weeks prior to the start of the sports season. This allows for ample opportunity to address existing injuries and improve conditioning. Patients can download and fill out medical history forms from our website for added convenience.

Our school and sports physical services, along with our general family medicine services at Family Health and Wellness Centers, are designed to meet all of your healthcare needs in our convenient, comfortable setting in Oxford, Alabama. 


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